AR Content Development Platform
MAKAR, a self-made AR platform, is designed to solve high-cost, high-tech and long-term development schedule. With an image-type drag and drop, users can quickly create an AR mobile application in 10 minutes and do not need to learn any program language. Just like the web design from customization to modular production a decade ago, anyone can quickly create web pages and no longer need to learn complicated program syntax and design. Today's AR and VR market costs 30 to 60 days of development time, and the cost up to 10,000 to 30,000 USD. The purpose of MAKAR is to allow everyone to freely edit and learn AR, VR and MR, no programming needed, reduce the threshold to access the AR market and assist quickly spread of the AR, VR, MR market in the world.
MAKAR allows general users to set up their own AR mobile application through the drag and drop interface settings, and no need to commission a professional manufacturer. Through the MAKAR platform, users can be creative and sharing, which speed up the AR / VR popularity. The following is the four unique of MAKAR: 1. Rapid development “fast experience within 10 minutes”: Simple editing and operation interface, allow you to create AR content within ten minutes. You can play creative and unrestricted ideas as long as the editor changes on MAKAR platform, the phone side of the APP will be real-time updated, 2. Low-cost "free development, on-demand purchase": Free to provide a variety of AR functional experience, and then you can purchase according to demand. Use the lowest cost to create your own AR!
Good to get started "short learning curve, suitable for all ages": No matter you are a student or people of society, you can quickly learn to create and develop AR through MARAK platform. With a wide range of teaching videos and resources, you can learn without worry and together with creative people to stimulate creativity. 4. Applicable to various industries "Any industry can quickly make connections with Augmented Reality": Quickly link to your industry, use AR for a variety of advertising campaigns, which are fun and intuitive interactive content that make your industry more visible.


“With MAKAR AR development and editing platform, what used to be a high cost and specialized process of AR development can now be made very easy. Now everyone can develop and produce AR applications and solutions easily with low cost and minimal specific programming  knowledge and  experience  !”