Cloud Remote Fiber Test System

A Revolutionary Testing-as-a-Service Model


Monitoring Fiber Links Anytime Anywhere


Benefits of cRFTS  

  Dark fiber real-time fault detection and regular/scheduled

   OTDR monitoring

•  Live fiber real-time fault detection and regular/scheduled

   OTDR monitoring

•  Fault notification through emails and SMS

•  GIS fault location identification on maps

     > Faster dispatching of repair teams to the exact location

•  Fault history and report generation

•  Real-time health status check for fiber network

Why Choose FiberOpto cRFTS ?  


•  cRFTS servers, databases, testing software are remotely hosted,         operated and  managed by FiberOpto

•  Only minimal hardware is installed at customer premises to interface     with our Service Cloud

•  No up-front cost for customer to install cRFTS

•  No investment by customer on NOC set-up, manage and maintain       servers and backup servers, databases

•  Customer do not need to keep a team of RFTS operators and             technicians

•  cRFTS easily expandable and scalable without new capital                   investment when the network grows : Pay-As-You-Use

•  Same level of performance as in-premises RFTS based on SLA

cRemote Fiber Test System  - System Overview

cRemote Fiber Test System  - Benefits Overview