Big Data Analysis

With Big Data Analysis, you can have deeper Customer Insight and Proactive Targeted Marketing

LAN Internet Monitoring & Forensics Analysis System

Best Solution for:

•  Auditing and Record Keeping for ISO 27001, SOX, HIPAA…etc.

•  Internet Monitoring/Network Behavior Recording

•  Forensics Analysis and Investigation for LEA


MAKAR, AR Content Development Platform
MAKAR, a self-made AR platform, is designed to solve high-cost, high-tech and long-term development schedule. With an image-type drag and drop, users can quickly create an AR mobile application in 10 minutes and do not need to learn any program language. Just like the web design from customization to modular production a decade ago, anyone can quickly create web pages and no longer need to learn complicated program syntax and design. Today's AR and VR market costs 30 to 60 days of development time, and the cost up to 10,000 to 30,000 USD. The purpose of MAKAR is to allow everyone to freely edit and learn AR, VR and MR, no programming needed, reduce the threshold to access the AR market and assist quickly spread of the AR, VR, MR market in the world.
BWA Network Design and Planning


Using licensed or unlicensed spectrum, Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) network is one of the most cost effective and attractive ROI strategies to deploy fixed network to the masses.


Cloud Remote Fiber Test System

A Revolutionary Testing-as-a-Service Model


Monitoring Fiber Links Anytime Anywhere